Digital Design, Marketing, and Branding

Design Vs Code is a collection of my creative and technical works. When your right brain and left brain collide, you can create beautiful stories for others to see.
I am in constant design and strategy mode, and love to see how my design skills have evolved over the last few years with technology. I continue to maintain working experience and knowledge of technical skills including: HTML/CSS, WordPress, and other mobile/web coding applications.
Learning Experiences

Few people have the opportunity to work with their passion on a daily basis. My passion for creative design and art has allowed me to work with some amazing companies over the last decade. I have worked with small technology start-ups that thrive on new ideas and undiscovered markets. In the same experiences, I have also worked for billion dollar companies that span the globe and reach diverse audiences.

All these experiences have led me to my current junction in my career. I am progressing my skills in digital marketing and strategy, along with developing into a young leader and mentor. Design will always be a passion that I continue to evolve, but I am looking forward to helping others tell their unique story.

Servant Leadership

I am currently developing my skills in servant leadership at this stage in my career. I believe the only way to become an effective leader is to help elevate those around you. I strive to teach my team the valuable business experiences I have learned over my career.

I am not the most experienced creative professional, but I look forward to taking on more roles that allow me to share my knowledge with others. I want to develop into a great leader, and I aim to hit this goal everyday.