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Dallas Digital Summit 2015 – first time attendee review

By | Digital Marketing
Dallas Digital Summit 2015 I recently had the great opportunity to attend the Dallas Digital Summit in Irving, TX on December 9th and 10th of 2015. I had never been to a conference that was not "design or creative" oriented, but I found that I really rather enjoyed every bit of it. I have always approached digital marketing from a creative brand perspective. With over 12+ years in design, I have geared myself to helping others create a good looking brand that they would be proud to share. Little did I know, I was only really helping with a small part of the puzzle. First Impressions of the conference Overall, the convention was rather interesting. I definitely feel it was worth the price I paid. There were two days of specialized sessions ranging in topics from SEO, content marketing, Social media, and even ways to "make e-mail not suck". There were a small mixture of roundtable sessions, keynote speaker sessions, and smaller specialized sessions. Each specialized session was around 30 mins, and I watched presentations from speakers including: Andy Beal - CEO, Tracker Michael King - iPullrank Jeff Perkins - PGi Seth Dotterer - Conductor Matt Byrd - Litmus Per Caroe - Silverpop Mel Carson - Delightful Communications Flip Croft Caderao - The Infinity Agency The overall session topics ranged to cover a broad selection from digital marketing.  I was really pleased with the selection of topics, and I wish I could have been in two places at once to be honest. Even though each speaker had 30 mins to speak, each session flew by and then you were racing to find a good seat at your next session. I will say, I am thankful that some of the presentations were made available for review a few days later.  There was tons of great information, and unless you were recording each session, you definitely didn't have time to write or...
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